get to know me
My Story
I was born on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii where I spent the first 2 1/2 years of my life.  My family moved to the east coast and we lived in Maryland until I was 11.  We then moved to California, and I’ve lived here ever since.  I recently moved to Orlando, Florida from Los Angeles, California and live with my husband, best friend, soulmate and love of my life, Damian, and my two crazy cats, Riversong and Maui. I also have a  beautiful step-daughter, Milan who still resides in California.
More About Me
I’m a finicky foodie and a complete dork who loves children, animals, traveling, Autumn, water, dark chocolate, potatoes, going for walks, the smell of night blooming jasmine, singing, cosmology, and going on spontaneous adventures.  I may be little (4′ 8″ to be exact), but I have a big heart.  The most important things in life to me are my faith, spending time with loved ones, cultivating my mind, being kind, respectful and compassionate with one another, and laughter.  Some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in life is to just be yourself, learn from your mistakes, don’t be afraid of following your dreams, work hard, and don’t give up because you can only move forward if you keep going.

Why I became a Photographer

In 2011, with the inspiration and support of my loving husband, who is an amazing artist, I sought to discover the creative and artistic side of myself that I never really got in touch with.  My husband’s passion and love for art and life, along with his love and believing in me has been the motivating force in finding the artist within myself and having the courage to do so.

I fell in love with photography because it makes it possible to record a single moment of humanity and life, capture feeling and emotion, and tell a story.  The art of photography helps us to create a dialogue about discovering and expressing the realities of human existence within our shared, diverse world, and can be used as an advocate to expand awareness and show truth.  I continually strive to incorporate as many of the facets of life that I can capture – a connection and expression of how my eyes and heart sees and feels the world.

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