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Photo Walk – Downtown LA

Photo Walk – Downtown LA

Went on a photography walk a with a photography meetup group I recently joined. It was awesome and...

Hi!  I’m Jannah, a photographer and foodie that possesses an insatiable appetite and love for food, connecting with people, culture, and traveling.
Follow me on my personal escapades, as well as my photography and travel endeavors.  Join me as I share my favorite recipes from around the world by my family, friends, celebrity chefs, cookbooks, and from other foodies on the internet.  Enjoy excerpts from various culinary adventures I encounter!
Life is art, and it exists everywhere.  I feel extremely fortunate that my passions allow me to capture and express how I see the world through my eyes. I hope to encourage you in experiencing the world in your own way as well. 
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and accompanying me on all the different facets of life that I am blessed to encounter as I practice the art of being me!




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